Pediatric Therapy Central Region

*The Shining Star Team provides pediatric therapy services. The Central team covers Kane, DuPage, Kendall counties, near Chicago, Illinois. If you don’t see your county listed, but live in a nearby county, please call us to see if we can make accommodations to work with you and your child.

Pediatric Therapy Central Region Team

Rachel H., M.A. DT

Developmental Therapist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist
Central Region Team Lead

Rachel is a Certified Early Intervention Specialist with well over a decade of child development experience, Rachel has been a family advocate, helping families understand the rights that are afforded to them through the Early Intervention program. She’s been heavily involved in the multi-lingual Latino and African American communities, developing skills to assist families with different cultural norms and socio-economic influences. Rachel has worked for the Association House of Chicago, Child and Family Connections, St. Francis University, and Speech Tree. Rachel holds a BS in Psychology from Loyola University and a Master’s degree in Child Development from the Erikson Institute of Chicago.

Angela M., M.A. CCC_SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist and Evaluator

After earning her undergraduate degree, Angela spent 8 years employed in a few roles — retail showroom manager, educator, caregiver – until she discovered her true calling and went back to school to specialize in speech pathology. As a graduate student she worked in a variety of settings – top hospitals, rehab centers, private practice, and the Chicago Public School system. She joins Shining Star Therapy for her clinical fellowship, eager to further her career. We’re excited to have her on our team!

Bansari A., M.A. CF-SLP

Speech Language-Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Bansari joins Shining Star Therapy for her clinical fellowship after earning her Master’s degree in Speech Language Pathology at Case Western Reserve University. Her pediatric clinical practicum experience includes working with in summer camp, schools, clinic and hospital settings. She’s also completed practicums working with adults in a skilled nursing facility as well as a clinic. As an undergraduate student, Bansari worked as a lab assistant in multiple settings as well as dedicated many hours to volunteering in child-centered healthcare environments. She has completed the Early Intervention Related Services Training Program.

Carrie R., M.S. OT

Occupational Therapist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Carrie joined Shining Star Therapy with 14 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy – specializing in both early childhood and early invention. As an Early Intervention specialist and evaluator, she has designed interventions for children; served as part of a multidisciplinary team to provide comprehensive diagnostic evaluations; and worked one-on-one with children and families. Carrie has a wealth of experience with children who have sensory motor challenges including autism, Down syndrome, developmental delays, fine motor delays, prematurity, and cerebral palsy.

Emily B., M.A. CF-SLP

Speech Language-Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Emily is a second-year speech-language pathology graduate student who is completing her clinical fellowship with Shining Star Therapy. She has worked with children across all ages in both educational and medical environments, and has developed a passion for delivering evidence-based care. She received her BS and MA in Communication Disorders, both from Southeast Missouri State University.

Hema N., B.S., PT

Physical Therapist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Hema was born and raised in England, then moved to Canada, where she earned her B.S. in PT from McGill University in Montreal. Since 1995 she’s lived and worked in the U.S. in home health, schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, and outpatient clinics. Her experience includes evaluating and treating patients with both acute and chronic conditions, short and long term, from children to geriatrics. She’s chosen to now specialize in Early Intervention. “The value I add to a family’s life by maximizing their child’s potential for movement through physical therapy is priceless.”

Jennifer G., B.S. DT

Developmental Therapist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Jennifer is a Certified Early Intervention Specialist with over 9 years of experience working with children. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Elementary Education as well as an Illinois Type 03 Teaching Certification from Northern Illinois University. As a teacher, tutor, nanny and camp counselor, Jennifer has worked with children ranging in age from birth to 12 years old. Through her vast experiences working with children, Jennifer has become both knowledgeable about child development and passionate about having fun with her students and patients.

Jinky L., B.S. PT

Physical Therapist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

A native of the Philippines, Jinky earned her B.S. in Physical Therapy in 1996 and has worked in the field for 18 years. She moved to the United States in 2004. Since 2006 she’s been licensed and working in Illinois. Her experience in the field as a physical therapist includes working in rehab settings, nursing facilities and home health settings. She dedicated much of her career to delivering home-based health care — she enjoys the one-on-one environment for treating patients. Jinky is excited to now specialize in Early Intervention. She learned first-hand of the benefits and value of EI when it was determined that her son needed developmental therapeutic services.

Karen D., M.A. CCC_SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist and Evaluator

Karen received her Early Intervention credentials in Speech Language Pathology in 2006, shortly after earning her Master’s Degree. Initially she worked in skilled nursing facilities, then moved on to provide services in the classroom to children. Since 2009 she’s specialized in EI. Karen is also an EI Evaluator, trained to determine initial eligibility and assess children’s developmental, occupational, physical and speech therapy needs. As a Speech Language pathologist, Karen has treated children with autism, sensory deficits, apraxia, articulation/phonological disorders, and dysphagia. In addition, she’s provided supervision, guidance and mentorships to speech therapist assistants, clinical fellows, graduate students and volunteers. She has also worked with 3-5 year olds and provided home health geriatric services.

EI Evaluator
Specialty areas: Apraxia, Motor planning Karen has completed the following courses:
– The PROMPT (Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets)

Suzanne H., M.A. CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist and Evaluator

Suzanne brings more than 12 years of speech language pathology experience in schools, clinics and early intervention settings to the Shining Star team. As an Early Intervention Evaluator, she has completed more than 750 hours of direct treatment, in addition to meeting standards for the State of Illinois to achieve this credential. As a therapist, Suzanne has worked with both school-aged and pre-school children, administering screenings, assessments, formal and informal documentation of patients. She has co-treated patients with developmental therapists in a group setting. In addition, Suzanne has served as a supervisor to a staff of speech language assistants and graduate students.

Meagan B., M.S. SLP

Speech Language Pathologist, Certified Early Intervention Specialist

Even as a recent graduate, Meagan has already demonstrated her prowess in the field. She dedicated her undergraduate internship to serving both preschool children and adults, providing intervention for a variety of cognitive, developmental and acquired communication disorders. As a graduate student, she interned at an elementary school and a skilled nursing facility and dementia care center. Her love of children led her to Shining Star Therapy, where she will do her Clinical Fellowship specializing in Early Intervention.

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