Request Patient Records

Request & Consent for Your Child’s Medical Records

Dear Parents,

For nearly a year, Shiningstar Therapy has been investing thousands of dollars into the construction of a patient portal, one that you can log into to view and retrieve your child’s records. We are still in the process of paying for and building that portal. Until now, we have been manually processing your pull requests free of charge, however, the volume and frequency of requests has increased to the point that we’ve needed to pay for additional resources to meet your needs. This means that until the portal becomes available, we will need to charge a minimal handling fee for these requests. This fee will be small and will not completely cover the cost, but will help ensure that we’ve got the additional resources to continue offering this service to you. Each pull request will now cost a $5.00 service fee to help offset some of the cost of service (sorry, no refunds). This will allow you to make pull requests as often as you need. Each request will include all documentation in their record for the current episode, which may include progress notes, evaluations, discharge summaries, etc.

Thank you & we will keep you posted on the upcoming patient portal.

The Shiningstar Team


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